What the car owners need at the ready terms and conditions is a responsible and accountable insurance company that can provide him with whatever he has been claiming for. A car might have met an accident, and thus requires repair, which are costly. The premiums paid for the car insurance can acknowledge the damages and provide for the same, reducing the tensions for the owner. Thus, insurance companies, in general, do work to provide tension free environment to the premium payers, covering them against any type of risk against which they want to get insured. However, coming to the fact that ประกันรถยนต์ รู้ใจ  is availed quite usually, there might be clauses that are needed to be understood before availing one.

Owner’s damage

After successfully examining the condition of the car, car insurance is calculated and provided for. But at the time of meeting an accident, it is quite imperative that car gets hit, but does not any other vehicle running on the same road, otherwise the insurance company has to provide for the third party’s loss as well.

Third party’s damage

While driving the car on the road, it is quite possible to get hit by or hit some other car, and that car in particular happens to be a third party. At this point of time, it is quite necessary to pay someone else’s obligations, instead of serving for own damages. Therefore, this calls for third party car insurance to surface, and cover up the costs. This at least makes sure that someone else does not charge the owner in a court of law to get his justice, and thus the third party insurance saves some time and efforts for the insurance availing party. Thus, these clauses are quite essential to understand and address, so that the car insurance is best used.

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