Where the players go wrong in the Summoners war gameplay? The losers usually are novices that don’t have enough knowledge and skill in the gameplay. The success in this game arrives when a player reaches the R5 Rift Raid (R5) level. This level can be achieved by choosing the right monsters and using them in the right way. The best way to follow the road to success would be to refer to a Step-by-step Guide. You can easily find this guide on some online SW platform. many game experts also post blogs on social media platforms. There are also forums to guide the SW players. 

Information in the Summoners War R5 guide  

When you refer to the Summoners War R5 guide, you get all the important information you need to choose the monsters for your first Raid Team in Summoners War. This guide is for the overall game community and for anyone who wants a better understanding to the raid and knowledge to setup his first raid team in Summoners War. The information contained in guide will bring your success in the game. The improvements in the guide are sometimes carried out by following the pragmatic experience and suggestions provided by the game experts. you can also make a suggestion of send your feedback. 

What Summoners War R5 guide provides 

You might have understood the importance of comprehensive Summoners War R5 guide. It is a guide for starters, and it’s a guide for deciding as well. The decision is required to be made for the monsters to be used in the game. The players usually ask the question, “Help me choose my raid team”, and the guide is an answer. By using the guide, you can pick an Attack Debuffer, pick a Second Healer, pick a Defense Breaker, pick a Slow Debuffer, pick a Cleanser, add Damage, and have at least two monsters in the Front Line.  



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