After an interior basement waterproofing job has been done employing an improper insulator with the vapor barrier then due to condensation and moisture build up, the insulator over a period of time, will become moist and saturated. Gradually, it will convert into a mould and this is exactly what is called the mould sandwich. This will not happen very fast but if sufficient care is not taken during the internal waterproofing then this might well take place and a leaky basement may be developed during the long run. Therefore, some care must be observed during the waterproofing to avoid mould sandwich formation.

  • Spray foam is the simple answer–The simplest technique of avoiding mould sandwich is using spray foam.After an interior waterproofing is completed and during refinishing, the area is spray foamed so that it makes a vapor barrier of its own. In this way, there is only a single membrane that is continuous and it insulates and seals firmly sticking with the waterproof membrane. In this way, any formation of mould sandwich is easily eliminated. The wet basement contractors of Toronto mostly use this technique so that leakages can be handled efficiently.

basement waterproofing cost

  • A lot of money might be at stake – Making the basement of a house can be a very costly affair and a lot of cost may have to be incurred. Typically, this can be around at least $50,000 and this is not at all a small amount. Moreover, if there is any leakagethat is found out later, then drywall, flooring, baseboard, etc. may have to be re-done and this can further entail $20,000 to $30,000. Therefore, it is always better to have a waterproofing done during the beginning itself when a house is being built.

Therefore, ample care should be taken to ensure that no mould sandwich formation occurs in the foundation and likewise steps should be taken. Check it out here to get more information on the subject.


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